Don't Fall Victim to Online Scams!

Important information regarding new online scams
We would like to make you aware of several new scams that are sweeping the internet – including the online loan scam. Fraudsters have created well-designed websites that impersonate well-known financial institutions or that at least appear to belong to legitimate loan-providing businesses. The loans being offered are non-existent. 

Applicants of these loans are asked for their Mobile App login information in order for the loan provider to deposit the funds via Mobile Deposit. These scammers are simply trying to gain full control and have complete access to your bank account. We ask that you please be safe and use common sense if applying for a loan online. 

Please know that scams are not limited to online loans … there are many other variations of scams in which fraudsters request personal information such as Mobile App or Internet Banking login credentials. Examples of other scams include fraudsters offering to fix your computer by remote access (Online Remote Support) or offering you extra income for displaying a company logo or advertisement on your car. Other popular scams involve fraudsters promising to reimburse you, or even a future return on your money, in exchange for depositing a check into your account, and then providing the fraudsters with cash.

We recommend our customers pay close attention when dealing with online vendors and take caution if approached by someone seeking financial help. Never give anyone your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking user information! If you believe you are being scammed or even hesitant about being involved in a scam, please give us a call at 256-362-2334 or stop by any FBAL location, and we will be happy to assist you. 

Relax...While Your House Does the Work!

At First Bank of Alabama, we make it convenient and easy to borrow money using the equity in your home. With a Home Equity Line of Credit, you can make repairs to your home, consolidate debt, cover educational expenses, and much more! Put your house to work for you today!

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Show Your Style!

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A personalized debit card is a “must have” item for 2015, so follow the trend by personalizing YOUR debit card today! Show off what’s important in your life – the people, the places, the events – every time you make a purchase. You may choose from over sixty great images from our design catalog or choose your own custom photo. Ideas include images of your favorite hobby, team or vacation spot, or your favorite photo with family and friends. We can instant issue your new personalized debit card in fifteen minutes or less at the Talladega office.

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Mobile Deposit is HERE!

Deposit your checks easily and securely from your smartphone

You can now deposit checks directly into your First Bank of Alabama account from your smartphone with Mobile Deposit. It’s convenient, secure and easy to use. All you have to do is take pictures of the front and back of your check, click submit, and we’ll send you a confirmation. It’s that easy! You can manage your money with your fingertips and eliminate trips to the bank with this new Mobile Banking feature.

Mobile Deposit is available in the First Bank app for iPhone and Android devices. To begin using Mobile Deposit, simply sign up for Internet Banking and then enroll in Mobile Banking.

Mobile Banking is a free service for First Bank of Alabama customers. We offer one complimentary deposit from your mobile device each statement cycle. Each additional deposit is only $1! Deposit amount limits may apply.

Check out our video to learn more about Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit!