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Business Checking

Flexibility, Affordability and Convenience!

The right checking account can make all the difference for your business’s finances. It should fit your business objectives and the way you do business. First Bank of Alabama offers multiple business checking options for companies large and small.

And, when combined with our Cash Management services, you ensure your business’s finances are streamlined for maximum efficiency.

As we strive to provide our customers with the best products to fit their business needs, we are currently creating new accounts to make your money work for you every day. Check back soon to find out more about our new business account offerings!


Business Services.....Money management made simple.

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Small Business Checking

Business Analysis Checking

Business Interest Checking

Treasury Services


Best fit for you if you need...An account that gives you 125 deposit items and 125 debit items each month at no charge with fees that can be waived if minimum monthly balance requirements are met.An account for businesses with high checking activity or cash management needs with an earnings credit analysis that is used to offset monthly fees.An account for Sole Proprietorships and Non-Profits that allows you to earn interest on your checking account balance.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)


Merchant Services

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Monthly Fees

$.35 for each deposited item over 125

$.35 for each debit item over 125

$15 monthly service charge (waived if you meet a minimum monthly balance requirement of either a daily balance of $2000+ or an average daily balance of $4000+ during the monthly statement cycle).

$20 Monthly Maintenance Fee

$.20 fee per debit item

$.30 fee per credit item

$.10 fee per On-Us Deposited Item

$.15 fee per Not-On-Us/Foreign Deposited Item

No charge for the first 50 debit items and 75 deposited items.

$.25 per item for each debit item over 50

$.07 per item for each deposited item over 75

$10 monthly service charge (waived if you meet the minimum monthly balance requirement of either a daily balance of $2000+ or an average daily balance of $4000+ during the monthly statement cycle.

Remote Deposit Capture:

Implementation and training fee $250

Monthly Service Fee $50


Sweeps: (Both to a line and an interest bearing account)

Monthly Fee: $50


Automated Clearing House: (Based on number of files processed)

Origination one time set-up fee $200

Origination Fees:

1-5 Files $10 a  month

6-10 Files $20 a month 

11-15 Files $30 a month

16-20 Files $40 a month

21+ Files $50 a month

 Account Approval Required

*An Earnings Credit Allowance (ECA) is used to offset the Account Analysis Fee and Maintenance Fee listed above. The ECA is calculated by applying the Earnings Credit Percentage (ECP) to the average available account balance during the statement cycle, less 10% reserve. When your fees exceed the ECA, an Analysis Charge will be assessed for the excess amount. The ECP is 0.15%, variable and may change at any time without notice. Other fees and charges not listed above are not eligible for offset through the Earnings Credit. A Deficient Balance Charge shall apply if the account has an average negative balance for the statement cycle. The charge will be determined by applying the current Wall Street Journal Prime Rate plus 3% to the negative average balance amount.

Account Approval Required

Account Approval RequiredAccount Approval Required 

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